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Shahid Kapoor lands into hot water for his remarks on women’s role in marriage

Shahid Kapoor was last seen in the crime drama TV series 'Farzi'

By Web Desk
June 06, 2023
Shahid Kapoor was last seen in the crime drama TV series Farzi
Shahid Kapoor was last seen in the crime drama TV series 'Farzi'

In a recent interview, Shahid Kapoor revealed his take on what marriage is, saying that the man is “a mess” and the woman fixes him and makes him a “decent” person.

Shahid, who is currently on a promotional spree for his upcoming film Bloody Daddy, told Film Companion in a recent interview, “This entire marriage thing is about one thing: is that the guy was a mess and the woman came in to fix him. So the rest of his life is going to be a journey of him getting fixed and becoming a decent person. That's pretty much what life is about.”

The internet did not take well to Shahid’s comment about marriage, with women being offended that their role in a marriage is reduced to just handling a “manchild”.

One disgruntled woman wrote, “I don't want to fix anyone. Bkwas." Another shot back that raising people is their mothers’ job, “What was your mother job. Didn't she raised you well? Come on guys grow up and girl are not born to nurse grown-up man."

Yet another angry user dubbed him a manchild. “So raising a manchild, is what marriage is ??? Amazing."

“If she’s your babysitter, you have a nanny not a wife,” commented a person.

Shahid has previously shared insight into his relationship with his wife Mira Rajput. He said, “I have always felt that if you can regularly stay connected with each other it allows that person an insight into what you are dealing with, which they might not get. So in that way, I share everything with Mira.”