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Elon Musk 'loves' being Indian desi groom

Artists around globe are benefiting from AI-powered picture editing software as they can reimagine different things based on their ideas

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June 03, 2023
AI-generated image of Elon Musk in a sherwani. — Instagram/rolling_canvas_
AI-generated image of Elon Musk in a sherwani. — Instagram/rolling_canvas_

Artists around the globe are benefitting from the new, Artificial Intelligence (AI) powered picture editing software as they can create pictures and reimagine different things based on their ideas.

The AI-generated images turning ideas into reality are so mind-blowing that they are taking the internet by storm. The most popular are the images of different renowned personalities presented in a completely different way.

Pictures of Twitter CEO Elon Musk, who is the world's richest person, shown as a "desi groom" are some of the recent AI work that has caught the attention of netizens.

The Sydney-based artist who goes by the name of Rolling Canvas Presentations on Instagram posted five pictures of Musk at an Indian wedding dressed in desi attire.

From the groom riding a horse and people dancing in heavily embellished clothes, the vibrant, near-to-reality images feature everything you see at a desi wedding.

These pictures were created using AI's Midjourney software. Musk was wearing the traditional clothes of a groom.

Have a look at the pictures here:

"When Elon Musk had an Indian wedding - in my imagination. From the times when we used to paint our imagination on paper to now, when we can convey our ideas to computers/AI and it brings them to reality. Fascinated to be alive at these times and be part of a possible transition. Not sure if it's for good or bad, but it's happening. The world is changing and it’s changing fast," the artist wrote in the caption of the post.

The series of pictures caught the attention of the main character in the images, the Twitter boss himself.

He took to the microblogging site to acknowledge the viral pictures and wrote "I Love It" in reply to a tweet containing one of the pictures.

— Twitter post screengrab
— Twitter post screengrab

Earlier, AI artists reimagined Musk, Mukesh Ambani, Mark Zuckerberg, and other billionaires as poor people and gym freaks.