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Johnny Depp saddens fans with shock announcement

Johnny Depp postpones his upcoming concerts due to fractured ankle

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May 29, 2023
Johnny Depp saddens fans with shock announcement

Johnny Depp made his fans upset with his latest post about his injury and postponement of his upcoming American shows.

The Pirates of the Caribbean star has postponed his much-awaited US gigs with his band, The Hollywood Vampires, on doctor's advice due to a nagging lower-body injury.

Taking to his Instagram Story on Monday, Depp expressed his grief over the announcement that made his fans upset.

Sharing the news about his injury, Depp wrote: "I am sorry to say that my ankle, which is a drag!!! It began as a hairline break but somewhere between Cannes and the Royal Albert Hall, it got worse rather than better."

The professor star continued: "Several medical professionals have strongly suggested I avoid any and all activity for the moment and so am sadly unable to travel at this time."

He added: "To that end, the guys and I are very sorry to miss you in New Hampshire, Boston and New York but fear not, I promise we will bring an amazing show to all of you in Europe and bring our absolute best to the East Coast later this summer and make it up to those who have paid for the shows."

Depp concluded as saying: Again sincerest apologies. All my love and respect J.D.

Johnny Depp saddens fans with shock announcement

Depp reportedly tweaked his ankle during his Cannes press run, and he stressed it further while trying to power through some recent music gigs, as he was doing back-to-back Jeff Beck tribute shows.

Now it is revealed that the actor and musician's ankle is fractured and his medical team has instructed him not to fly for the foreseeable future.