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Pre-historic stone circle discovered on James Corden’s Berkshire estate

James Corden's Berkshire estate is home to a druidic temple

By Web Desk
May 20, 2023
James Cordens Berkshire estate is home to a druidic temple
James Corden's Berkshire estate is home to a druidic temple

TV host James Corden has recently said that he would be “happy to assist” in the investigation of the mysterious druidic temple in his backyard since returning it home to Jersey is not viable.

Corden's estate, nestled in the picturesque countryside, became the unexpected site for this remarkable find. The stone circle, which is held to be a burial chamber or religious shrine, consists of a covered passage leading to a chamber with no roof and a number of small coffin-like boxes around its edges.

In 1788, The monument was removed from St Helier and gifted to Field Marshal Henry Seymour Conway, the owner of the Berkshire estate at the time.

Politicians called for the ancient stones to be returned to Jersey. However, it is now evident that that is not a viable option for the ancient dolmen.

Curator of Archaeology, Olga Finch at Jersey Heritage said, “In principle, we would, of course, support the return of the Mont de la Ville dolmen – an important piece of Jersey's ancient history – to the Island.”

“The stones are Grade II Listed and the protection afforded to them by UK heritage bodies and legislation means that it is unlikely that permission would be granted to have them moved.”

Although Corden doesn’t really have a say in the matter, his representatives have said that they would be happy to assist the researchers in their work and wouldn’t be against returning the stones to Jersey.