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Zara Noor Abbas takes a day off from super busy routine

Pakistani actor Zara Noor Abbas stresses importance of taking breaks from hectic routines for peaceful and healthy mind

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March 07, 2023
Pakistani drama and film actor Zara Noor Abbas. — Instagram/@zaranoorabbas.official
Pakistani drama and film actor Zara Noor Abbas. — Instagram/@zaranoorabbas.official 

Pakistani drama and film actor Zara Noor Abbas took a day off from her super busy routine and spent a meaningful holiday at the historical site of Katas Raaj temples.

The starlet shared the details of her holiday in an Instagram post on Tuesday, stressing the importance of taking breaks from her hectic routine for a peaceful and healthy mind.

"Recently I have been drowning in work and have been in a monotonous routine of city life with a killing schedule. The universe managed to give me a day off and I went to Katas-Raaj and I realised how much I needed to be around ancient tales to revisit history and explore the calmness in a life of a Nomad. Even if it was for a few hours," Abbas wrote.

The Badshah Begum actor said that though it was only a few hours long visits, it felt amazing "when energies collide to align".

She remarked that taking time off from the hustle and bustle of life gives people the realisation that there is much more than just the society and crowds around them.

"When you think — therefore you are. What you say — you become!" she wrote.

She urged people to travel whenever they can and stop being trapped in the monotonous way of life in order to explore the earth and see what is beyond their imagination.

"So travel. Travel to the edges and ends of the Earth and see what is beyond your imagination. Get out of the 4 by 4 box mentality of your life,"

"And even though ignorance is bliss but the quest of Knowledge is worth the chaos," the Parey Hut Love starlet concluded.