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Meghan and Harry warned about 'profiting off their status' as senior royals

Meghan and Harry warned about 'profiting off their status' as senior royals

By Web Desk
February 03, 2023
Meghan and Harry warned about profiting off their status as senior royals

Following a popularity drop, Meghan Makrkle and Prince Harry have been warned about "profiting off their status" as senior royals.

According to, talking about the royal couple and Harry's book "Spare", Forbes writer Carlie Porterfield said, "Harry and Meghan's popularity in the UK has fallen since a lot of these projects have come out, especially Spare."

Speaking on the outlet's YouTube channel, Porterfield said, : "I think that people are a little more sensitive in the UK to how members of the Royal Family -even if they are not working like Harry and Meghan no longer are - profiting off of their status."

The expert said, "What some people would say: 'Selling their family members out to make a buck'. That is some criticism that has been levelled at them as well."

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle has openly criticized the royal family in their Netflix documentary and Spare this year.

Before their documentary and the book, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex had avoided naming royal family members while talking about their lives.

But the latest attacks have seen Harry detailing what happened between him and his brother William and father King Charles after his marriage to Meghan Markle.