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Shah Rukh Khan reveals he was ‘low on confidence’ after Zero

Shah Rukh Khan talks about success of Pathaan

By Web Desk
January 30, 2023
Shah Rukh Khan talks about success of Pathaan
Shah Rukh Khan talks about success of Pathaan 

Shah Rukh Khan interacted with media and had a conversation about his recent successful venture Pathaan. He also expressed gratitude towards his fans.

Interacting with the media, he said, "Thank you for bringing life to the industry. This experience has yet not sunk for all this. Thanking everyone for the film. Go to people who love you. I have millions who love me. God has always given me a balcony ticket. The film experience is an experience of love. It should not hurt anyone. I was low on confidence. I got scared sometimes."

He further added, "We are all extremely grateful to the audience and media for supporting the film so much in spite of the fact that there might have been things that would have curtailed the happy release of the film. There were times when we had to call people and ask them to please let us release our film peacefully. Film watching and filmmaking is an experience of love and I want to thank all the people who helped us release this film for the people."

Pathaan has gained the title of ‘highest opening weekend film’ with collections of 542 crores within five days.