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Jenna Ortega gets candid on bonding with Christina Ricci over 'Wednesday Addams'

Jenna Ortega speaks about her special bond with Christina Ricci

By Web Desk
November 23, 2022
Jenna Ortega gets candid on bonding with Christina Ricci over Wednesday Addams

Jenna Ortega recently opened up about how she got close with Christina Ricci, the titular character in the 1991 film The Addams Family and its 1993 follow-up Addams Family Values.

Wednesday Addams was released on November 23, starring Jenna Ortega as Wednesday. The actress reveals how she bonded with Christina Ricci who made a cameo appearance on the show.

Ortega spoke exclusively to Enews about her character on the show and more. She shared, "Playing Wednesday as a teenager—I think we had that conversation a little bit later."

Speaking about Ricci, the 20-year-old said, "She related to a lot of the struggles or interesting challenges that made the job more fun or exciting in certain aspects, and that I really appreciated."

The outlet reveals both actresses realised that playing the character of Wednesday requires a sarcastic tendency, a little more than the others.

The You alum explained, "We both are a bit dry, If we're talking to each other, neither one of us can tell whether the other person is being serious or not. It's kind of a fun game."

Ortega also expressed her desire to work with Ricci again, perhaps on her other series, Yellowjackets.

On a separate occasion, Ricci has spoken up on why Ortega doesn't need any guidance in acting. The Casper star remarked, "She is such a competent adult actress. She does not need me telling her how to do anything. She's so wonderful."