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Woman unconscious for seven months miraculously delivers healthy baby

“She (mother) opens eyes but doesn’t follow any commands,” Dr Deepak Gupta from hospital's neurosurgery dept says

By Web Desk
October 28, 2022
(Representational) Image shows a newborn baby girl.— Unsplash
(Representational) Image shows a newborn baby girl.— Unsplash

In a miraculous incident, a 23-year-old woman in India's Uttar Pradesh —  who had been unconscious for seven months due to a head injury — delivered a healthy baby girl at the hospital.

The young woman sustained severe head injuries in a road accident when she was riding a two-wheeler with her husband without a helmet. Though she survived, she went unconscious, seeming to be in a coma despite multiple surgeries.

“She opens her eyes but doesn’t follow any commands,” Times of India quoted Dr Deepak Gupta from the neurosurgery department of AIIMS hospital as saying.

The woman's husband had to quit his job to take care of his pregnant wife. The man worked as a private driver.

"Everything has come to a standstill,” he said, expressing his sorrow. He said that even though he was with her, she was suffering more than him.

Gupta told the media outlet that the woman had been pregnant for 40 days when she was admitted to the hospital.

The gynaecologists who reviewed the patient said that the baby was fine and the pregnancy should not be terminated. The husband was left to decide and he "opted to keep the baby".

The child was normally delivered months later. The patient cannot feed the child, however.

The woman has undergone five brain surgeries and remains unconscious.