Police fail to recover stolen motorcycles

October 01,2017

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Just a few days before the start of Muharram, two motorcycles were stolen from outside the Davis Road offices of Jang group of newspapers which could have possibly been used in some terrorist activity as no recovery has been made by the police concerned.

The first bike was stolen on September 14, the Civil Lines police station was given application of the loss and even 15 police emergency service was also informed about it, but no inquiry was initiated nor any arrest was made by the police.

The second bike from the same place was stolen five days after the first incident took place. The two police stations - Civil Lines and Racecourse – in whose jurisdiction Jang offices fall did not bother to take any step when the first bike was stolen, which led to stealing of the second bike.

As both the bikes have not been recovered as yet, a point to ponder here is that in this sensitive month of Muharram who would be answerable if those bikes were used for any wrong purpose. This is not the first time such thefts had been committed on Davis Road. Over the last one year or so Davis Road has become a hub of car and bike thefts, in addition to the theft of car back view mirrors and batteries, with no appropriate step taken by the law enforcing agencies.

An empty plot of State Life next to Jang newspaper building has become a hideout of addicts, criminals and illegal products' sellers while policemen play the role of silent spectator. And close to that plot, usually two to four police officials on motorcycles are seen standing watching people coming out of a hotel. It’s strange that while standing so close, they don’t know what’s happening in the nearby plot. More surprising thing to note here also is that the police officials concerned did not question a single footpath vendor or shopkeeper about the bike stealing incidents. During the period when the two bikes were stolen, two suspects were handed over to police by the security guards but when inquired, there was no positive reply from the police.

Though the FIRs of the stolen bikes were registered after around five days and the cases were, as told by the SHO, was shifted to the Anti-Vehicle Lifting Staff but the officer who is handling the theft case did not bother to contact the victims whose bikes were stolen.


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