PU holds seminar on CPEC importance

By Our Correspondent
May 19, 2024
Punjab University building in Lahore. — Facebook/Punjab University/File

LAHORE : Punjab University Pakistan Study Centre (PSC) organised an international symposium on “CPEC and Regional Dynamics”.


Dr Agnieszka Nitza-Makowska, Dr Kerry Longhurst from Poland, Dr Iram Naseer of FC College University Lahore, Former Dean Faculty of Arts & Humanities Prof Dr M Iqbal Chawla, Director PSC Prof Dr Naumana Kiran, faculty members and students were also present. Dr Kerry Longhurst highlighted China’s focus on soft power, particularly the ‘green aspect’ of Chinese power, which encompasses environmental security other than human security. She emphasised the significance of CPEC in this context as China collaborates with regional powers to promote the agenda of better environmental conditions.

Dr Nitza-Makowska emphasised China's use of soft power tools, including foreign policy, culture, and domestic values to gain trust and termed it a game changer. Dr M Iqbal Chawla said now the world was heading towards multi polarisation and in the meantime China was emerging as an economic power and she was not only interested in Asia but also in Europe for economic progress.

Dr Iram Naseer discussed regionalism and the evolution of the world from integrated empires to global, interconnected, independent states. She said that CPEC has the potential to reshape the geopolitical dynamics of the region. She elaborated that Pakistan is important for China's One Belt One Road initiative, with a focus on infrastructure development and regional connectivity because of its geopolitical position.

Earlier Dr Naumana Kiran talked about the purpose and theme of the symposium. She also emphasised the potential of CPEC to reshape geopolitical dynamics.