‘Lahore-Paris Rally to promote culture, tourism’

By Our Correspondent
May 19, 2024
Chairman of Prime Minister’s Youth Programme (PMYP) Rana Mashhood Ahmad Khan addresses a press conference at Aiwan-e-Iqbal on May 18, 2024. — APP

LAHORE : Rana Mashhood Ahmad Khan, Chairman of the Prime Minister's Youth Programme, announced that the Lahore-Paris Rally 2024 will serve to promote national culture and enhance Pakistan's global image.


Speaking at a press conference at Aiwan-e-Iqbal on Saturday, Khan emphasised the government's commitment to making Pakistan an attractive tourist destination.

The press conference featured motorcyclist tourist and rally organiser Mukarram Tareen.

Khan revealed that the rally will kick off on August 26, with participants embarking on a 20,000-kilometre journey through 12 countries, including Pakistan, Iran, Turkey, Greece, Italy, Switzerland, France, Germany, Austria, Hungary, Romania, and Bulgaria, over the course of 70 days.

Organised by Globe Series and Cross Route Club in collaboration with the Prime Minister's Youth Programme and the Department of Tourism Pakistan, the rally aims to spotlight Pakistan's cultural heritage and its potential as a tourism hub. He assured that the government would provide full support and resources to ensure the safety and success of the event, including measures to protect all participants, particularly women and children.

"The Lahore-Paris Rally is a fantastic opportunity to showcase Pakistan's positive image and rich culture," Khan stated.

"It will not only strengthen cultural ties and foster friendly relations with other countries but also inspire our youth with renewed enthusiasm." He invited tourists worldwide to experience Pakistan through this rally, describing the country as peaceful and its people as extraordinarily hospitable. The rally is expected to boost tourism and open new chapters for the industry in Pakistan. The logo of the rally will be unveiled soon, he said.