You'll be amazed at what OpenAI and Reddit are working on together

OpenAI and Reddit join forces to create ultimate AI chatbot

By Web Desk
May 17, 2024
OpenAI and Reddit enter revolutionary partnership. — AFP File

AI startup OpenAI has entered into a new partnership with social media platform Reddit. The move will allow ChatGPT to better understand Reddit content.

The two companies announced the partnership on Thursday, Reddit said in a blog post.


The move will benefit ChatGPT users as they will have more timely content and an awareness of current events. The free version of ChatGPT 3.5 is updated till September 2021 while ChatGPT 4 offers updates up to August 2023.

Earlier, OpenAI had said that it uses information that's publicly available on the internet to train its large language models. It said that it trains its large language models by taking information it licenses from third parties and from its users and trainers. The company was sued in April by eight newspapers — including The New York Daily News, The Chicago Tribune and The Orlando Sentinel - as they alleged that OpenAI used their news content without permission.

In August last year, Redditors also raised the question if ChatGPT was trained on its content.

But, it is official that Reddit content will be accessible to ChatGPT. According to the Reddit blog post, OpenAI users will benefit from this partnership.

"We are thrilled to partner with Reddit to enhance ChatGPT with unique, timely and relevant information," OpenAI Chief Operating Officer Brad Lightcap said.

In its blog post, Reddit praised platforms like OpenAI, which are "fostering human learning and researching ways to build community, belonging and empowerment online."