WhatsApp now allows Android users to use 2 accounts on 1 device

WhatsApp announces that Android users will no longer need to have several devices for separate accounts

By Web Desk
February 28, 2024
A display of the WhatsApp logo on a smartphone. — AFP/File

WhatsApp has made it possible to use two separate accounts on one Android device.

The addition of several WhatsApp accounts within a single WhatsApp app is intended to enhance the user's chatting experience, according to the company.


In October of last year, Meta-owned WhatsApp announced that Android users would no longer need to have several devices for separate accounts with its multiple accounts functionality.

“We are introducing the ability to have two WhatsApp accounts logged in at the same time. Helpful for switching between accounts – such as your work and personal – now you no longer need to log out each time, carry two phones, or worry about messaging from the wrong place,” Meta said in October.

You will need a second phone number and a SIM card, or a device that supports multiple SIM cards, in order to register the second account.

In addition, your second phone number won't be active because it's not being used right now, but the one you're presently logged into will be your active account.

According to WhatsApp, in order to view the content, one only needs to switch to the account, whereas inactive accounts will continue to get notifications.

Users who have two accounts signed onto a device will be able to customise each profile by changing the picture and description, notification settings, and privacy settings, just like they can with the analogue method.

Currently, the feature can handle two accounts and is limited to Android users.