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Funds should have been used on energy not metro bus: Imran

- April 25, 2013 - Updated 1857 PKT - From Web Edition

PAKPATTAN: Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf chairman, Imran Khan said Thursday that if the Punjab government would have used funds on energy and not the metro bus, there would not be loadshedding for 18 hours in the province.


“Eliminating the energy crisis and corruption was the responsibility of the Punjab government not Zardari.”


Addressing an election rally here, Khan said Nawaz Sharif was afraid to face him because he would be “bowled out on the first ball.”


Khan added that Nawaz Sharif had supported President Asif Ali Zardari during all difficult times and was now scaring people into not voting for the PPP.


The PTI chairman promised to bring an end to corruption adding that this was the reason behind unemployment and inflation in the country.

Reader Comments
All episodes of two party drama have been over. Metro bus and Lap top were short term programs only to overcome Imran Khan popularity. There is no long term program was started by PML(N). I hope for a new Pakistan.

Muhammad Tahir
If the choice is between transportation and electricity i will take the 2nd one.

probably 10% of the funds were used for metro bus and rest were share between PMLN and PPP. Imran Khan is saying Energy sector needs funds immidiately and trasport could have waited. To people living abroad, it is extremely hard to sleep without light and getting biten by mosqitos all night, whole day goes cranky.. Now this is happening every night, no sleep, cranky, angry at work and angry at kids/wife (who btw are also sufferening lack of sleep and mosqito buzzz).. man its hard

Although I support Imran during this election, I disagree with this statement. It should be that Funds should be used for Energy sector as well as Transport. You got to think about improving the standard of life in each of the necessities of life. We need comprehensive package not the improving one thing only formula to solve all the problems.

No party has mechanism to end Energy Crisis and Corruption.Metro Bus is V good project and all credit goes to PPP ,which provided with huge money to noon league in Punjab. Population growth rate,Energy Crisis and Corruption are big issues at this time. NO party should overlook Kashmir Issue too.

It is height of enemity. Do you have any word to say about PPP, MQM, Q, ANP who performed nothing but corruption. You will be drowned in your negative propaganda inshallah.

Akmal Bajwa
The only man with a brain. May he live a long and prosperous life Inshallah. SHER KA SHIKAARI !!! :D

Dear Imran, try to understand tactics to use money on metro. Money moves like wheels and it was faster for money to roll straight into accounts. Had this money spent on welfare causes then all would have gone out of hands.

Jahangir, Hyderabad, Pakistan
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