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Pervez Musharraf sent on judicial remand till May 4

- April 20, 2013 - Updated 1140 PKT - From Web Edition

ISLAMABAD: The anti-terrorism court (ATC) on Saturday sent former president General (retd) Pervez Musharraf on judicial remand till May 4 and ordered police to present him in the next hearing, Geo News reported.


He was presented in the in-charge judge ATC Kausar Abbas Zaidi’s court.


During today’s brief hearing, the petitioner’s lawyer argued that the accused was presented in the court without the handcuffs which is a malafide action.


The judge was due to rule on whether Musharraf could remain remanded in police custody or would have to be transferred to jail ahead of his next appearance, which is expected to take place in the next few days.


As soon as Musharraf left the court, lawyers followed him and chanted slogans against him.


After the hearing, the security personnel escorted Pervez Musharraf outside the court from where he left for the Police Headquarters again under foolproof security.


Earlier, Pakistan’s former army chief and president Pervez Musharraf reached the court in Islamabad after spending his fist night in the police custody at the Islamabad Police Lines Headquarters today morning.


Though, Musharraf faces several cases, he was arrested in judges’ detention case on Friday. SSP Islamabad Police Yasin Farooq and other members of the investigation team had met the former president while his lawyer met him in the morning.


Names of 14 witnesses have been included in the incomplete challan (charge-sheet) against the former dictator.


The judicial magistrate, on Friday, had granted two-day transit remand to Pervez Musharraf while his Chak Shahzad farmhouse had been declared as sub-jail. After few hours he was transported to Police Lines Headquarters where he stayed at the officers’ mess.




Islamabad administration returned SSP police Islamabad’s request to declare former president General (retd) Pervez Musharraf’s farmhouse in Chak Shahzad sub-jail after raising objections over it.


The administration says the police request does not clearly state what security threats are being faced by Musharraf, adding that the request should be submitted again with additional details.


Reader Comments
Musharaff did provided the full security including a bullet proof SUV to BB During the political gathering in the park BB people took the control of her security who asked her to expose herself from the secure vehicle And why Malik AND Baber who were responsible for BB security sped back to Bhutto house instead of helping BB at the shooting Where are the two BBs cell phones A hand written note appeared making Zardari the next leader where relationship between Zardari and BB was unattached

Mr khan ur a really khan use ur head .. how ur sure musharaf is a killer of BB or any one else. Mr Khan u shud go n eat naswar dont pass fool comments here

Whosoever is happy with Musharraf's fate must remember a similar fate awaits them if they , individually or collectively , attempt to destroy Pakistan , its values , its Islamic Ideology etc

- the cockroach should be hanged up-side-down and left there for dogs and cats to feast on his filthy, corrupt torso.

True Pakistani
Naeem in the UK, you are 100% correct....shame on Pakistan and its corrupt leaders.

muhammed ali
United Kingdom
'Kibr' 'garoor' got Mush into this situation. Like Saddam, Shah of Iran, Gaddafi, Hosni Mubarak and alike. I saw him if official meetings and prayed that he shuns 'Kibr'. Z, NS, IK etc. are bad apples rather worst apples but have no kibr. Mush had. Now he has to face the wrath of Allah Taala like the aforementioned names. May Allah have Mercy of Pakistan. Ameen. Mush broke the law and should be punished as we get punished for our crimes, like talking on cell phone or not wearing seat belts.

Naeem, Nawaz Sharif removed Musharraf. That was his prerogative as the PM. It was mush who endangered the life of all the passengers by telling the pilot not to land in Nawabshah and, instead, keep the plane in the air. Not getting into corruption n all, if ZAB , BB, NS n AAZ can go to jail, why cant mush. He should be hanged for high treason, bugti's murder, and bb's murder. And Pakistanis are not stupid. But I am not so sure about those calling them stupid.

Pakistan is far from Rule of Law. Majority of high up criminals, corrupt, looters remain out of jails while a True Pakistan like Pervez Musharraf is being insulted for saving and turning Pakistan in the right direction during crucial and dangerous 10 years.

Pervaiz Lodhie
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