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NAB report unsatisfactory: SC

- January 17, 2013 - Updated 1932 PKT - From Web Edition

ISLAMAABD: The Supreme Court has summoned the complete record of the investigation pertaining to the Rental Power case and adjourned the hearing till January 23.


The Supreme Court declared the report submitted by the National Accountability Bureau (NAB) as unsatisfactory and directed Chairman NAB to conduct an inquiry on why a wrong report was submitted.


A three member bench of the Supreme Court headed by Chief Justice Iftikhar Muhamamd Chaudhry resumed hearing of the Rental Power verdict implantation case. In its order the Supreme Court expressed reservations on the manner in which the report was submitted.

Reader Comments
SC unfortunately last hope lost respect and day to day decision making drained out. Now corrupts and thieves have certified license to operate at their wishes and wills. Police and other enforcing authorities are corrupt, they work with do not care attitude so nation will settle one day at their own losses and damages.It is the only country that operates exclusively with worst situation.I felt more comfortable when I was in air but is sad anyway, since I am daughter of soil.

Parveez Rehman
Nobody likes PPP well do you blame them IRFAN? inflation has led people to see their kids go hungry to school no electricity or gas petrol etc the country is like out of control robberies kidnappings etc. Should we love PPP for these gifts.I think we should stop thinking like Punjabi,sindhi,balochi,pathan or malik,mian,jatoi,afridi etc and elect people on they qualities and capabilities as well as what they have promised in the past and have not delivered.

United Kingdom
not a single muslim is terroist or extermists that why no proof got usa or pakistan to put on trial . only terroist is to attack other nation

My request to media is also put the other side of the story vs. what SC said? This is unfair to the people of Pakistan and media is not being fair to everyone.

SC of pakistan has freed over 10,000 extremists, majority of the decisions are based on newspaper clippings and not facts, even in this case (all the money was submitted back) and RPP contracts were dismissed by SC. I think Pakis should get rid off parliament, senate & President and should give the reins of govt to SC. This is unbelievable. I am also shocked that media is against the govt just because they never liked PPP.

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