Thursday June 20, 2024
Yousuf Nazar
Yousuf Nazar

  • May 30, 2024

    Pakistan’s drift into chaos

    PTI’s young followers are an ahistorical cult, with their sense of history beginning in 2011 or February 8, 2024

  • May 09, 2024

    Did SBP and IMF get inflation wrong?

    Following the onset of post-pandemic inflation in 2021, economists swiftly diverged into two camps

  • April 06, 2024

    Lessons from Asia

    Some Pakistani intellectuals like Hamza Alvi attributed Pakistan’s problems to an “overdeveloped state”

  • March 20, 2024

    Charter of national revival

    A shopkeeper waits for customers at a market in Karachi. — AFP/FilePakistan needs more than a Charter of Economy. It needs a Charter of National...