Saturday May 28, 2022
Salman Akram Raja
Salman Akram Raja

The writer is an advocate of the Supreme Court of Pakistan

  • April 10, 2022

    Undoing a constitutional fraud

    The April 7 order of the Supreme Court, quashing the deputy speaker’s ruling of April 3 and, as a consequence, the prime minister’s advice and...

  • February 06, 2022

    A judicial legacy

    Every chief justice of Pakistan has the opportunity to choose issues for engagement that will define the tenor of the Supreme Court with him as the...

  • November 28, 2021

    Taking rights seriously?

    Those who wield power in the Islamic Republic do not expect to be confronted with resistance, disclosure, or critique in full view of the populace....

  • September 04, 2021

    Going all wrong - Part II

    The writer is an advocate of the Supreme Court of Pakistan.In the decade or so after school as I negotiated various economics and law degrees at...

  • September 03, 2021

    Going all wrong (Part - I)

    Coming at the heels of the Minar-e-Pakistan ‘incident’, the prime minister’s recent lament that English medium schools are creating a class of...

  • August 08, 2021

    Credibility and judicial appointments

    In his article in these pages , ‘Seniority v merit: a false binary’ , friend and elegant thinker about law and life, Salahuddin Ahmed who is...

  • July 19, 2021

    Seniority and judicial appointments

    The reservations expressed by the Sindh High Court Bar Association and, later, by the Supreme Court Bar Association about the intended elevation of...

  • June 27, 2021

    E-voting: fools rush in

    In a rousing, if dramatic, moment in the justly celebrated documentary ‘The Ascent of Man’, the mathematician and historian – and all else in...

  • May 30, 2021

    Palestine: peace and its discontents

    An unjust lull has set in after eleven days of Israeli barbarity that saw the use of disproportionate murderous force against a Palestinian...