Tuesday October 03, 2023
Saleem Safi
Saleem Safi

The writer works for Geo TV.

  • June 25, 2023

    ‘PTI’s KP govt leased out Galyat rest houses at throwaway rates’

    Documents show Imran Khan’s ex-principal secretary Azam Khan played the main role in the scandal

  • October 08, 2022

    Betraying political creators

    Imran Khan was pampered, supported, sponsored, idealized, and brought into the shining political limelight from deep political obscurity. However,...

  • July 10, 2021

    Afghanistan: a history of blunders

    The writer works for Geo TV.“The only thing we learn from history" – in the words of German philosopher Friedrich Hegel "is that we learn...

  • June 12, 2021

    Pakistan and China: the new US game

    I had earlier suspected that the US was deliberately pushing Afghanistan towards chaos and civil war as well as creating troubles for Pakistan....

  • June 07, 2021

    Afghanistan and a trapped Pakistan

    The most dangerous aspect of the current scenario is that the US does not seem interested in durable peace in Afghanistan.

  • February 06, 2021

    Afghanistan challenges

    The Afghan Taliban and the Americans reached an agreement on February 29, 2020 in Doha. According to this agreement, the foreign forces were to...

  • November 30, 2020

    GB: elections and leadership

    For the sake of Pakistan, the people of Indian Occupied Jammu and Kashmir have made tremendous sacrifices and have kept alive, with their blood, the...

  • November 18, 2020

    What does Biden’s win mean?

    Biden's victory gives undeniable proof that emotional rhetoric, exaggerated claims, hatred and disgraceful statements cannot turn back the wheel of...

  • September 24, 2020

    Nineteen years of 9/11

    From the beginning of 2001, Osama bin Laden and his close aides had been talking about the 'Planes Operation' and the coming of the 'big day'. Abu...