Monday December 04, 2023
Muhammad Waqar Rana
Muhammad Waqar Rana

  • October 07, 2023

    The right way to right a wrong

    The constitution empowers all branches of the government to frame rules for their internal business. The constitution also does not allow discussion...

  • August 30, 2023

    The date debate

    Mark Tushnet in his book ‘Why the constitution matters’ argues that the constitution matters because it provides a structure for a civil...

  • July 18, 2023

    Should the ECP punish contempt?

    The Election Commission of Pakistan has been given the power to punish someone for contempt under Section 10 the Election Act, 2017. A similar power...

  • November 12, 2022

    The quest for prosperity

    Pakistan’s highway to prosperity and stability goes through India. And India’s entry to the developed world depends on its cooperation with...

  • August 06, 2022

    Judging the process

    The writer is an advocate of the Supreme Court and former additional attorney general for Pakistan.The constitution entrusts the judiciary with the...

  • June 14, 2022

    A constitutional court

    A split advisory opinion was given by the Supreme Court on a presidential reference under Article 186 of the constitution. The reference sought an...

  • April 24, 2022

    Anatomy of hate

    Unlike other countries, where democracy is functional and state institutions are run by visionary leaders, politics in Pakistan thrives on hate and...

  • April 16, 2022

    Parliament and judicial review

    The Supreme Court’s decision whereby the deputy speaker’s ruling of April 8, 2022 on a point of order rejecting a no-confidence motion against...

  • February 23, 2022

    Cycles of instability

    Pakistan’s political sky is once again under the dark clouds of political instability. These cycles of instability come every three to four years...

  • January 27, 2022

    Quarreling with the constitution

    A nation that regularly quarrels with its constitution requires immediate treatment of its social, political and moral decadence. Even the finest...