Thursday September 28, 2023
Javid Husain
Javid Husain

  • August 26, 2023

    Can Pakistan manage modernity?

    Pakistan, like most of the Muslim world, is faced with the existential challenge of modernity. The challenge was initially posed around the...

  • July 05, 2023

    Strategic partners

    Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s visit to Washington last month is a stark reminder of the rapidly developing Indo-US strategic partnership...

  • May 29, 2023

    Pakistan’s regional policy

    It is axiomatic that Pakistan’s regional policy should be anchored to ground realities instead of being based on wishful thinking and pious hopes....

  • March 28, 2023

    Pakistan’s misplaced priorities

    Pakistan – beset as it is with internal political turmoil, the meltdown of the economy, and grave external security threats – is once again in a...

  • February 01, 2023

    Looking ahead

    Once again Pakistan is faced with formidable internal and external challenges because of the gross mismanagement of our national affairs by...

  • November 19, 2022

    The future of Eurasian geopolitics

    Powerful forces are inexorably redrawing the Eurasian geopolitical map. Russia’s invasion of Ukraine was the latest, but not the only one, of the...

  • October 03, 2022

    Strategic exhaustion

    Pakistan currently has many of the familiar symptoms of strategic exhaustion like the slow growth of its economy, rapidly piling up external debt,...

  • August 16, 2022

    Pakistan’s decadent elite

    Pakistan’s current political, economic and social crises call for introspection. Politically, the country has been badly destabilized because of...

  • June 23, 2022

    An economic crisis

    Pakistan is undoubtedly facing an economic crisis of gigantic proportions caused by the gross mishandling of the economy by successive elected and...

  • May 19, 2022

    Dangers of populism

    Pakistan is in a state of turmoil, engulfed as it is in a reckless populist campaign spearheaded by Imran Khan and motivated by narrow party...