Sunday June 04, 2023
Hussain H Zaidi

The writer is a graduate from a western European university

  • May 29, 2023

    A (mock) revolution gone awry

    Composed on the grandest of scales and couched in the most sublime of languages, the epic represents the highest form of poetry. Typically, this...

  • May 17, 2023

    Descent into fascism

    The violence, arson and pillage that followed the arrest of populist leader Imran Khan is emblematic of Pakistan’s descent into fascism. The way...

  • April 30, 2023

    A case for strategic privatization

    Whenever the economy is in hot waters, selling state-owned enterprises is seen as a key ingredient of the recipe for economic recovery. The IMF,...

  • April 17, 2023

    Constitutionalism: the missing links

    This April marks the golden jubilee of the adoption of the 1973 constitution. The last 50 years have been a bumpy ride for the basic law of the...

  • April 08, 2023

    Anatomy of a conflict

    The current tug-of-war between the executive/parliament and the judiciary may be seen from two perspectives: one, as a morbid manifestation of a...

  • March 11, 2023

    A rational choice?

    Did the PML-N make a rational choice by opting to vote out the then prime minister in April last year and subsequently form a coalition rather than...

  • February 18, 2023

    Gandhi’s ‘mission impossible’

    Released in 2008, the Bollywood movie ‘Shaurya’ depicts the court martial of a Muslim officer of the Indian army for having shot his senior...

  • February 01, 2023

    The thing about truth

    In ‘tell-all’ interviews and explosive statements, former prime minister Imran Khan, who has the knack of staying in the news, is heaping all...

  • January 05, 2023

    The (only) light at the end

    Every nation has some pipedreams. We Pakistanis have several. One of them is to say goodbye to the IMF once and for all and start implementing an...