Thursday September 16, 2021
Dr Farrukh Saleem
Dr Farrukh Saleem

The writer is a columnist based in Islamabad.

  • September 12, 2021

    Value of a currency

    2008-2013: On February 18, 2008, the PPP led by Asif Ali Zardari won 116 seats in the National Assembly. On March 25, Yousaf Raza Gilani took the...

  • September 05, 2021

    Afghanistan calculus

    The Islamic Republic of Afghanistan used to raise $2.8 billion in domestic revenues per year and spent $11.4 billion per year. Of the $11.4 billion...

  • August 29, 2021

    Three years

    Pre-election: the PTI had the best manifesto; 61 pages, 639 sentences and 14,640 words. ‘The Road to Naya Pakistan’ was thorough, focused and...

  • August 22, 2021

    New Afghanistan

    Education: In 2001, primary school student enrollment in Afghanistan stood at 773,623. It has now grown to over 7 million. In 2001, total student...

  • August 15, 2021

    Food insecurity

    I was shocked to read the ‘International Food Security Assessment 2021-31’ by the United States Department of Agriculture. I was shocked to find...

  • August 08, 2021

    Desire to change

    On March 18, at the National Security Division’s first-ever ‘security dialogue’, General Qamar Javed Bajwa stated that it is “our desire to...

  • August 01, 2021


    Pernicious polarization. Our society has now become mutually distrustful of ‘us versus them’ camps. You're either with the PTI or you're against...

  • July 18, 2021

    Power vacuum

    War has not ended in Afghanistan; it is taking a new form. The US is ending its ground military deployment but there will be no peace in...

  • July 11, 2021

    Afghanistan: what next?

    In my considered opinion, the probability of a ‘political solution’ to the Afghan quagmire is low. In my considered opinion, the probability of...

  • July 04, 2021

    Bluff or policy?

    A bluff is “an attempt to deceive someone into believing that one can or is going to do something.” A policy is a “course or principle of...