Tuesday November 29, 2022
Dr Farrukh Saleem
Dr Farrukh Saleem

The writer is a columnist based in Islamabad.

  • November 27, 2022

    Perfect storm

    The only good news is that one uncertainty is out of our way. For the first time in the history of the Pakistan Army a Hafiz-e-Quran will be...

  • November 20, 2022

    Freedoms we cherish

    The Pakistan Army is our first line of defence against all external threats. And the Pakistan Army is our last option to manage internal civil...

  • November 13, 2022

    Game of fire

    He is gaming that chaos in Pakistan will benefit him. He is gaming that anarchy in Pakistan will benefit him. He is gaming that a civil war in...

  • November 06, 2022

    Rs800 billion

    Every major ‘Long March’ costs Pakistan around Rs800 billion. Yes, there is a definite “link between unrest and subsequent economic...

  • October 30, 2022

    No concessions

    We owe $55 billion to multilateral organizations. The IMF is in no mood for any concessions. The IMF wants fiscal consolidation. The World Bank is...

  • October 23, 2022

    Power centres

    Challenges: Pakistan is up against a whole host of formidable challenges. The three at the top of the list are: an economic crisis, extreme...

  • October 16, 2022

    ‘Worst yet to come’

    On October 11, the International Monetary Fund , in its biannual World Economic Outlook, said, “global growth is expected to fall from 6 per cent...

  • October 09, 2022

    Daronomics II

    Ishaq Dar is a miracle man. He has pulled the rupee from the abyss the rupee was falling into. Daronomics I gave us three things: a stable rupee,...

  • October 02, 2022

    Rupee to dollar

    Muhammad Ishaq Dar, our 42nd finance minister, has prudently set his priorities: strengthening the rupee, reducing the rate of inflation and...

  • September 25, 2022

    Financial emergency

    Our politicians are all focused on who will be the next chief of army staff . Our politicians are all focused on who will appoint the next COAS. Our...