Saturday May 21, 2022
David Suzuki

  • April 18, 2022

    Disastrous investment

    The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change’s Sixth Assessment shows the world is unnecessarily headed toward climate catastrophe, and all it...

  • March 14, 2022

    Imperiled planet

    It’s a tragic truth that some people are willing to inflict unfathomable suffering and death for the sake of power and wealth. From Russia’s...

  • February 11, 2022

    Future in our hands

    Geologists have classified most epochs in Earth’s history according to fossils, radiometric dating and composition of the strata. The widely...

  • January 18, 2022

    Staying distracted

    When people do things they shouldn’t, they often try to distract attention from their actions. Guardian writer George Monbiot notes that many...

  • December 21, 2021

    Creating stories

    According to philosopher-historian Yuval Noah Harari, “Homo sapiens conquered this planet thanks above all to the unique human ability to create...

  • December 03, 2019

    Children at risk

    On Nov 12, Veneto, Italy’s regional council was debating climate policy in its Venice offices. Minutes after a majority voted against budget...

  • July 08, 2019

    A pivotal point

    There’s no shortage of solutions to the climate crisis. Rapidly developing clean-energy technology, reducing energy consumption and waste,...

  • August 28, 2018

    Out of time

    According to all legitimate scientific agencies that study climate, the past four years have been the warmest on record, and 2017 was the 41st...