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Beena Sarwar
Beena Sarwar

  • December 03, 2022

    Obituary: A veteran thespian journalist bows out

    Imran Aslam had been with Geo TV since before its launch in 2002 and 20 years later he bows out with grace and courage, his wit and irreverent sense...

  • April 12, 2022

    Let’s teach our children about peace

    On 6 April 2022, an 11-year old boy in Islamabad and an 8-year old in Kolkata raised White Cards to each other, in support of the International Day...

  • August 10, 2021

    Pakistani Hindu stuck in India, wants to return home

    BOSTON: A Pakistani Hindu stuck in India with three children after his wife died in April is pleading with the authorities to let him return before...

  • June 28, 2021

    Veteran actress Khursheed Shahid passes away

    LAHORE: Legendary television and stage actor Begum Khursheed Shahid died peacefully in her sleep early morning in Lahore. She was over 95.Her son,...

  • March 08, 2020

    Good journalism and Aurat March

    In her 34 years of reporting, Maria Ressa has “changed nothing” in how she works. What has changed is the unprecedented rise in the targeted...

  • March 07, 2020

    Patriotic trolling, astro-turfing, and pounding: Good journalism and Aurat March

    Indonesian news website Rappler's co-founder Maria Ressa discusses at length the unprecedented rise in targeted abuse in the age of social media

  • March 11, 2018

    For a better future

    The best news in some time is that India and Pakistan are rising above their differences and joining hands for a humanitarian cause; they have...

  • December 24, 2017

    A deadly foe

    As 2017 draws to a close, it is worth highlighting a quiet success story underlying the headlines about Pakistan. This is a country on the verge of...

  • May 23, 2017

    Bridging the chasm

    A recent resolution urging South Asian giants India and Pakistan “to take all steps possible towards improving relations” aims to...

  • April 19, 2017

    Owning Mashal Khan

    The mob murder of a student at a public university campus in Mardan on April 13, 2017 hit home through videos and photos of the gruesome act. In the...

  • June 29, 2016

    Pakistani qawwals touring USA dedicate performances to Amjad Sabri

    Boston: Legendary classical music maestro Naseeruddin Saami and his sons, currently on tour in the USA, expressed grief at the target killing of...

  • June 23, 2016

    After US tour, author of book on Pakistan’s Sikh legacy to speak in London

    BOSTON: “I am deeply grateful to the Pakistan government for giving me a visa,” said Amardeep Singh, author of the photo-illustrated...

  • April 24, 2016

    Supporting cultural spaces

    I sit down to write this on April 21, the birthday of one of my oldest, dearest childhood friends, universally known as Poppy – Shayan Afzal...

  • March 29, 2016

    Polio: one last push

    “Not since the eradication of smallpox in 1980 has the world had a chance to wipe out an incurable, but preventable, human disease,”...

  • March 06, 2016

    Leadership fellowship at Harvard honouring Benazir Bhutto initiated

    Boston: The late Benazir Bhutto’s classmates from the Harvard-Radcliffe class of 1973 have formed a non-profit organization through which they...

  • September 23, 2015

    Shahab Ahmed: a brilliant scholar

    Prominent Islamic scholar Shahab Ahmed, originally from Pakistan, was laid to rest last Saturday morning at the Mt Auburn cemetery in Cambridge,...

  • August 03, 2015

    It's not just about Shafqat

    Shafqat Hussain is due to be hanged - for the fifth time - at 4:30am on August 4, 2015. His ‘black warrant’ was issued on July 27, despite a...