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Kashmir issue in the perspective of present age

February 05, 2016

Kashmir issue is a part of the incomplete agenda of the freedom movement. Issues are resolved or come to an end with the passage of time. But Kashmir is an issue which is still alive and unresolved. It is becoming more prominent day by day. Kashmir issue is still on the top of the list among the international issues because of its severity and importance. In August 1947 at the time of partition, the relevant states of India were given an option that they could affiliate themselves with India or Pakistan. Because it had become impossible for them to exist independently. A referendum was held in Silhat and NWFP and the majority of people decided in favour of Pakistan. But India entered its army in Kashmir and forced the ruler of Kashmir to announce the affiliation with India without referendum. The Muslims of Kashmir protested severely against it. Indian army treated them cruelly. Pakistan also entered its army in Kashmir in order to save the Muslims from the cruelty of Indian army. Kashmiri Muslims supported Pak army completely. The total liberation of Kashmir was near but India involved UNO in this matter and requested to stop the war so that Kashmiris should be given the right of self-determination. The UNO guaranteed a referendum after evacuating it from the armies of India and Pakistan.

India made lame excuses and did not evacuate Kashmir. Indian stubbornness and obstinacy is a major obstacle in referendum. India knows that the result of the referendum will not in its favour. That’s why it is waiting for the time when Muslim majority will be changed into minority. India is slaying Muslims and bringing Hindus and Sikhs in Kashmir to achieve this target. The 67 years have passed but it is still unsuccessful in its mission because Kashmiri Mujahideen are sacrificing their lives for the security of their Muslim brothers. No one can be ready to live in Kashmir in such conditions. India is worried at this.

International community is not impartial on the issue of Kashmir. It is in favour of India. UNO is also not feeling for Kashmir. These three powers have conspired against Pakistan and Kashmiri Muslims. They have made agreed a group of Kashmiri Muslims to announce an independent democratic and secular state consisting of the provinces of Jammu, Kashmir Valley, Ladakh and Gilgit-Baltistan. This concept has been acted upon in Kashmir since 1988. India wants that if it cannot achieve Kashmir Pakistan should also not get it. Pakistan and Muslims will be at a loss then. The type of loss can be assessed easily by the following points.

1: Kashmiri Muslims are not against Pakistan in spite of Indian efforts. But the formula of independent Kashmir can work in 15 years only. So, after it the referendum will be against the affiliation and in favour of freedom. They will become fearful of the slavery of Pakistan. Thus Pakistan will suffer from a great loss.

2: India wants that Kashmir should be an independent country after its failure of occupation so that Pakistan cannot be a strong country. Pakistan will be deprived of Gilgit, Baltistan and Azad Kashmir. East Pakistan has already become independent.

3: India will be successful in this way and can become a member of Security Council. India will prove itself an agent of anti-Muslim forces. It will protect the interests of Israel and will be harmful for Muslim Ummah.

4: Kashmiri Muslims will be divided because of independent Kashmir movement. The stance of Pakistan will be weak and it will lose the support of international community.

5: Kashmir cannot survive as a free country. It will depend on India like Bangladesh. The rulers of free country will follow their interests. They will need the support of India and in this way this government will also be used against Pakistan.

6: The puppet administration of the free country of Kashmir will continue the Indian policies of water. Consequently, the agriculture in Pakistan will be destroyed and energy crisis will become severe.

7: The free country of Kashmir will be impartial in the disputes of India and Pakistan. It is possible that it will support India. It will prove another Bangladesh for Pakistan because its leadership will also be obliged to India for its freedom.

8: When Kashmir will become a free country Pakistan will become weaker. India will be stronger than before.

9: In such conditions Pakistan has to depend on western countries. They will pressurise Pakistan. This dependence will be dangerous.

In the light of these facts the best solution to Kashmir issue for Pakistan is the same which has been decided according to rules. In Scotland, South Sudan and Eastern Timor such kinds of referendums have been held. Only we have to convince the international community. For this Muslim Ummah has to be united and put a stress on UNO. If Kashmiris are given the agenda of a free country and Muslims are divided on it, it is nothing but enmity against Muslims. Kashmir issue is alive after passing 60 years. It is only because of the spirit of Jihad of Kashmiri Muslims.

In 2014 the fake elections were held in occupied Kashmir once more. The ruling party BJP was defeated badly. Its candidates were contesting on 87 seats but won only 25 seats. When Indian prime minister visited Kashmir after these elections the whole Kashmir was closed because of the call of strike. Similarly, Asia Cup was held in Bangladesh previous year. Pakistan defeated India. In a university of Indian UP the Kashmiri Muslim students celebrated the victory of Pakistan. 67 students were turned out of the university and cases of disloyalty were registered against them.

All these events show that Kashmiris have the same demand. They want freedom from Indian occupation. They do not want to accept Indian slavery at any cost. Kashmiris should be given the right of self- determination so that they can affiliate with Pakistan for their safe future.

The writer is Secretary General of Jamaat-e-Islami Pakistan