Tuesday September 27, 2022

Govt should make decisions keeping a cool head: Elahi

January 26, 2022
Govt should make decisions keeping a cool head: Elahi

LAHORE: Punjab Assembly Speaker Ch Parvez Elahi on Tuesday said the strategy of the opposition against the government always aimed at harassing the government on every small and big issue so that the government would be provoked and make wrong decisions and harm itself while the security and welfare of the government would be at stake. The government should not fall into the trap of the opposition and make its decisions with a calm heart and mind.

He said this as Qambar Hameed and Rana Khalid Mahmood called on him in the Assembly Chamber here on Tuesday. Secretary Punjab Assembly Muhammad Khan Bhatti and Sawera Mir were present in the meeting.

He said people have given a five-year mandate to the government. If the opposition believes in democracy, it should respect this public mandate of the government and give up negative politics based on mere chaos. He said the coalition parties of the government have always supported the government at every difficult time and rescued it from the clutches of the opposition, but the government should also take a deliberate approach to the coalition parties before making major decisions and not push the allies towards the opposition camp.

He said: “For the development and prosperity of the country, we have to get rid of the burden of external debts, stop blaming each other and move forward to revive the economy in the national interest to facilitate Pakistan’s journey to prosperity.”

He said immorality is the biggest obstacle in the way of development. It is very important to promote culture of respect, not rudeness. “Respecting others is part of our culture and it should not be forgotten. If we want to achieve economic prosperity, we have to give relief to people and fulfil the promises made to people.