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How to tell apart corona, winter diseases

By News Desk
December 15, 2021
How to tell apart corona, winter diseases

LAHORE: There are many similarities between flu, COVID-19, seasonal allergy and even the common cold. However, breathing problem and loss or change in the sense of taste and smell are major symptoms of the pandemic.

Experts say high fever is an important symptom of COVID-19. However, the symptom can also be found among flu and cold patients but such patients rarely suffer from high fever. Seasonal allergy can also induce fever sometimes. Loss or change in the sense of taste and smell are the clearest and loudest symptoms of the pandemic.

These are rarely found in patients of flu, cold and allergy. Dry cough is also common among COVID-19 and flu patients but the symptom is not usually found in cold and allergy. Tiredness is associated with allergy but not usually present in COVID, flu and cold. Corona and flu patients do not sneeze, but the symptom could be present in cold and allergy. Patients of flu and cold complain of body pain but it is not found among COVID and allergy patients.

A runny nose can be found in cold, flu and allergy while it is rarely seen in corona. Experts say a sour throat is common in cold but not usually found in COVID and flu. Diarrhea is rarely found in COVID but can be seen among children with flu. The symptom does not appear in cold and allergy. Headache is rarely found in COVID and allergy but can be often seen in flu. It is also not present in cold.