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Dr Faisal urges all Pakistanis to get vaccinated as new variant strikes

November 30, 2021
Dr Faisal urges all Pakistanis to get vaccinated as new variant strikes

Islamabad: Omnicorn—the new Covid-19 variant—is a variant of concern because the genetic makeup of the virus shows some mutations that make it way more dangerous, faster spreading, and volatile than previous variants. Hospitalization and mortality data from South Africa and Europe show unvaccinated people as constituting most of the cases, making it essential for all Pakistanis to get themselves vaccinated, not tomorrow or any time soon, but today.

Addressing a press briefing televised on the state-run channel here Monday, the PM’s Special Assistant on Health Dr. Faisal Sultan warned that it is almost impossible to thwart the entry of the new variant in Pakistan. “We live in a connected world so even though passenger testing protocols on arrival are being reviewed and strengthened in the light of scientific evidence, there is no way we can prevent it from affecting our population,” he said, urging the country’s unvaccinated population to come forward for vaccination.

“The virus is affecting individuals who have delayed or ignored vaccination. We need to further expedite the vaccination process before we find ourselves in a situation marked by shortage of hospital beds and services.

Those of you have not been vaccinated at all, or those whose second dose is due, or families with unvaccinated children, must all rush for vaccination—not tomorrow, but today,” Dr. Faisal urged.

The SAPM underlined the need to practice social distancing, wear masks, and avoid crowded places. “The threat isn’t over. Millions of people have been vaccinated but millions more are yet to be protected with vaccination,” he said.

Adding to the information, Asad Umar shared data to help gauge the pace at which the new variant is spreading. “In the last 12 days only, the positivity rate in South Africa has risen from 0.9% to 9.77%, indicating a ten-fold increase. If this variant comes here, we will not have time. So please get yourselves immediately vaccinated,” he said.