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WCLA completed many projects in 2015

By our correspondents
January 04, 2016


Walled City Lahore Authority (WCLA) completed many projects during the year 2015, which promoted tourism in the provincial metropolis. 

A press release issued on Sunday said completion of Package-1, Shahi Hammam, building regulations, heritage property rules and service rules are some important tasks completed in 2015. Besides this for the promotion of tourism Rangeela Rickshaw, free guided tours, photo walks and Tonga tours were launched. 

It claimed that almost 2,350 foreigners and 49,297 local tourists visited the royal trail and other parts of the walled city. It added that the package-1 from Delhi Gate to Chowk Purani Kotwali was completed in which the façade and infrastructure improvements of the Royal trail were done. Almost 850 properties and 57 streets were rehabilitated along with taking the sewerage and electricity system underground. The work on package -2 from Chowk Kotwali to Masti Gate also started in 2015. The same improvements as in package -1 will be made in the package-2. The total cost for package -2 is Rs 72 crore. 

The 17th Century Royal Bath was also conserved and inaugurated in the same year. Almost twenty thousand tourists have visited it since its opening. The Royal Bath was conserved with the funding of Royal Norwegian Embassy amounting to Rs 4.5 crore. 

In 2015, the government of Punjab allocated Rs 2 crore for the repair and maintenance of the dangerous buildings inside the walled city and the work is in progress. 

The PC-1 for Masjid Wazir Khan was also prepared and sent to the government for approval. The total cost of the PC-1 is Rs 5.33 crore. The north wall of the Wazir Khan Mosque was conserved in 2015 by the funding of Royal Norwegian Embassy and the Chowk Wazir Khan’s conservation also began which was funded by the US Ambassador’s Fund.

The conservation and documentation of the picture wall of Lahore fort also started in 2015 with the funding of Royal Norwegian Embassy and Aga Khan Trust for Culture is carrying out the documentation. The total amount for this project is 1 crore and ten lakh rupees. The PC-1 for Lahore Fort amounting to Rs 840 million was also prepared and sent to government for further action and approval.

For the promotion of Tourism the WCLA started the Rangeela Rickshaw and Tonga tourism. The guided tours to any part of the walled city were made free for the tourists. Three photo walks were held in 2015. Jashn-e-Shahi Guzargah, Wekh Lahore and heritage festivals also held in 2015. 

Tania Qureshi, Deputy Director Communication, said in 2015 the WCLA completed several projects in the same year. Tourism flourished in 2015 and was a big achievement of that year. Moreover, the building regulations, service regulations and Heritage property rules of walled city Lahore authority were also compiled and completed in 2015.

Director Marketing, WCLA, Asif Zaheer said conservation of Shahi Hammam was a landmark of 2015 with the completion of the Royal Trail. “In the same year we started working on the North Wall of Wazir Khan and Wazir Khan Chowk. It was a long awaited project.

The PC-1 for the conservation and restoration of Wazir Khan Mosque and Lahore Fort has also been sent to the government. Another important project that began in 2015 was the documentation of the world’s largest picture wall of Lahore Fort,” he said. 

Director General, WCLA, Kamran Lashari said the year 2015 had been an active year. 

We aim to accomplish more in 2016. We will be launching more tourism activities along with festivals. We will also be taking up the conservation of different buildings inside the walled city along with monuments,” he concluded.