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Camera scandal: PPPP fears NA closure could destroy evidence

March 15, 2021

ISLAMABAD: The PPPP Sunday feared that evidence of camera scandal could be destroyed by closing the National Assembly Secretariat on the pretext of disinfection.

“There is a fear that evidence of the camera scandal would likely be destroyed by suspending NA activities on the pretext of disinfection of the House,” said PPPP’s Central Information Secretary Shazia Marri while reacting to the decision of closing the National Assembly Secretariat for two days for disinfection purposes. She said Imran was trying to save those who were involved in the installation of cameras in the Senate Hall during Senate chairman elections. She said the government could also remove the CCTV footages by closing parliament.

She said installation of spy cameras to identify the voters during the Senate polls is a bigger scandal than Watergate and in this connection a fair and transparent probe should also be conducted. She questioned the government why aren’t the names of the responsible persons who were involved in installation of cameras brought in front of the nation if the CCTV footages are available as evidence? She further said the PM was trying to save those who installed cameras in the Senate hall.