Wednesday May 25, 2022

Fifth generation war against Pakistan

January 11, 2021

The Indian media and analysts have diverted their energies to discredit Pakistan, CPEC and destablise Balochistan through fake, phony and deceptive reports.

One Indian analyst recently wrote: “Balochistan appears to be yet another belligerent and unjustified Chinese Great Game in Central Asia... Beyond doubt, China will also use Gwadar for military purposes, and as part of its string of pearls strategy to marginalize India and simultaneously project power into the Indian Ocean.” The writer has made claims that are totally untrue and predisposed.

Another Indian writer claims: “As history suggests, India lost out when the Sultan of Oman offered Gwadar as a gift to India but the new democratic nation declined the acceptance of the gift.” When did this sham theory come up? Can the wheels of history be turned?

The Times of India reported: “Irrespective of being a province within the territory of Pakistan, people of Balochistan on Thursday expressed their solidarity with Indians on the occasion of the country’s 73rd Independence Day and said they need India’s support to free their land from the domination of Pakistan.”

This is clear indication how India is supporting BLA, BLF and sub-nationalists in Balochistan.

The fourth report claimed: “Nehru failed to realise the strategic importance of Balochistan province and turned down an offer by the King or Khan of Kalat, Mir Ahmadyar Khan to accede to India.

Today, Pakistan is occupying the Balochistan province, which forms 40 per cent of Pakistan administered territory and China is using the Gwadar port for building presence and influence in the Indian Ocean Region (IOR).” Where did this Khan of Kalat theory originate from if not but the RAW office?

Harbiyar Marri tells The Week: “The independence of Balochistan will benefit India in the long run against its adversaries in the region. If Balochistan does not achieve freedom, it will be very difficult for India, in the long run, to protect its national interest in the region. Hence, Balochistan’s independence will determine not only Baloch nation's future, but also the future of India.” Even Indian defence analysts would laugh that Indian future is linked to an independent Balochistan.

Yet another report claims: “Baloch patriots across the world urged the Indian government along with the US and UK, to extend support to their freedom movement against Islamabad, as the country has slowly turned into a breeding ground of Islamist militants that would finally destabilize the security and peace of the entire region, where Baloch people continue following the spirit of secularism even though they are Muslim by majority.”

There are a plethora of reports on the internet from the mainstream and not-so-mainstream Indian media that reveal how India is destablizing Balochistan, fomenting terrorism in the province and openly interfering in Pakistan’s affairs.

It is time the world took the dossier presented by FM Qureshi and DG ISPR Babar, which is devastatingly candid and honest appraisal of the situation, in its true spirit.