Saturday January 22, 2022

Long travel, time but still no job opportunity

December 07, 2020

The number of job seekers has been increasing in the Islamic Republic of Pakistan ever since the return of the so called democracy. There were activists who developed special close links with ruling party heads/ leaders to provide appointment letters to those who secretly paid money demanded by democrats.

One learnt an unemployed person was forced to pay 50 to 60 thousand rupees for job of a peon/clerk.

The common people say they have the same socio-economic and administrative problems: crime and deteriorating law and order, food shortage and soaring prices, poverty and unemployment and inequality in provision of health and education and dispensation of justice.

Where is the solution? Seasoned elders say: That lies in following the exemplary life of Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him).

Retired university professors and public servants emphasise forging unity and discipline while deeply studying the prophet’s achievements. He established the world’s first welfare state, he saved the oppressed people, his motto was justice and equality, he advocated simplicity and sincerity, truthfulness and honesty. He devoted his life for the masses’ well-being.

There was no religion before Islam to do anything for amelioration of women and enhance the dignity of labour.

Women were looked upon with contempt and treated as chattels in society. Nowhere in the world did they get the treatment they were entitled to as men’s partners in life. It was Muhammad who did all that was possible to raise the status of women.

He declared there was no service more acceptable to God than the emancipation of slaves. He purchased the slaves to set them free, advising his followers to treat them with kindness and justice.

Of all the reforms initiated by the Prophet the removal of social inequality was most important and far-reaching in consequences. He could not find any reason for any distinction between man and man on account of mere accident of birth in a particular family or particular country.

Artificial barriers which the then society had set up to fortify privileges of wealth, work or colour were broken down. “All human beings”, he declared, “are equal and the highest rank is his who is the most obedient to Allah and most useful to mankind.”

The charter Prophet Muhammad gave to the world after his arrival at Madinah granted the security of life, property and religion of both Muslims and non-Muslims. He was the first and foremost man who brought a permanent peace between all the religions.

He framed a systematic code and ensured peace and prosperity in the first-ever welfare state.

Will any of our leaders get inspiration from the prophet’s life to honestly serve the nation?

One has to travel long distance and spend huge money for a job abroad—-for instance Malaysia.