Thursday November 30, 2023

Ghani fears law and order will worsen with massive lay-offs

November 30, 2020

Laying off thousands of works from industries will aggravate the law and order issues and the federal government will be to blame for this.

Sindh Education and Labour Minister Saeed Ghani said this on Sunday while talking to The News. He added that the gas and power crisis had also been created by the federal government and all these factors were making the lives of the people miserable.

When asked to comment on the firing of Pakistan Steel Mills’ employees, he said thousands of workers would be rendered jobless in the coming month. He claimed that the ‘selected’ government of the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) was increasing the tariff of K-Electric, due to which the industrialists of Karachi, who were already dealing with the gas shortage, would not be able to compete with the world as industrialists of other countries have access to cheaper electricity.

Ghani lamented that industrialists were being forced to shut down their units and as a result workers were losing jobs. He added that the federal government was least bothered about the increase in unemployment.

He went on to say that neither was the Centre providing funds for Karachi and not was it giving the complete share of the

National Finance Commmission award to Sindh. The labour minister remarked that hours-long load-shedding had been affecting the cottage industry were most of the workers were women. Businesses like marriage halls, beauty parlors and hotels had decreased their working hours and their workers on daily wages were not able to make both ends meet, he added.

Ghani said the federal government had no sympathies with the poor and middle class people.

Commenting on the situation of education during the Covid-19 pandemic, Ghani said many schools and students did not have access to computer and they could not continue educational activities online. He appealed to the federal government to get things corrected before it was too late.