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Online sale of sacrificial animals increases manifold

By Our Correspondent
July 27, 2020

Rawalpindi : Given the coronavirus pandemic the trend of online buying of sacrificial animals has increased manifold among the residents especially belonging to the upper strata of the society.

The cattle markets have been set up in the twin cities and the local administration has introduced strict Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) both for buyers and sellers. Contrary to past practices, no permission was given to establish small makeshift cattle markets within the city due to fear of the spike in comparatively decreasing virus infection ratio.

Now a number of cattle farm owners and meat brands have launched new websites where they provide people with an opportunity for online buying of the sacrificial animals. Some of them also offer online sacrifice services in which the customers can pay amount and meat would be delivered at their doorstep in packets. The opportunity of collective sacrifices is also available for the customers.

Mudassar Rana, a customer, said that keeping in view the coronavirus pandemic it is quite safe to benefit from online buying of sacrificial animals.

“Going to the cattle market and roaming around in a rush of people carries the risk of virus infection due to which we have decided to go for online buying of the sacrificial animal,” he said.

Though online buying makes things easier for the customers but there are some issues associated with it that often creates problems for them. When buying the animals are categorized by their weight, size, breed and looks so all these features are difficult to assess only through photographs on the websites.

Akmal Khurshid, a customer, said he has already booked a sacrificial animal through an online website but he is not sure whether it would be the same as it is appearing in the pictures.