Wednesday July 06, 2022

Edhi Sahab, we sorely miss you: You had united all of us for a cause

April 20, 2020

Great Britain has got his own version of Abdul Sattar Edhi. Dressed in his military uniform, Captain Tom Moore is walking in his home garden for a cause that has reminded millions of Pakistanis of their unassuming benefactor. At 99, this World War II veteran is walking across his garden to raise funds for the National Health Service, which is at the front of the ongoing battle against the coronavirus.

Captain Tom completes 10 laps every day in his Bedfordshire house. With the aid of a frame, his every step melts hearts around the world. Long before he starts taking steps, hundreds of thousands of pounds are deposited over his charity appeal.

By now almost 900,000 people have made donations and raised £27 million for the man who had set the target of collecting £1,000 before he turns 100.

Like Edhi Sahab, he has remained simple and selfless. And that has captured and reminded us of the noble soul that departed four years ago. At a time of the lockdown and social distancing when the most neglected class is in dire need of help, one cannot but miss a man of Edhi Sahab’s stature. It is not because people are not coming out to help.

But it hurts how the government and the civil society look for media coverage and behave with the poor people. Edhi declined requests for media coverage and attending social gatherings. He felt his time was for a higher cause and so he was supported by all. Taking the lead at a time of the corona crisis, Captain Tom, I salute you, and Edhi Sahab, I miss you.