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Chinese doctors advise Punjab to ensure lockdown for 28 days

April 06, 2020

LAHORE: Chinese health experts on Sunday underlined the need of continuation of lockdown for at least 28 days to halt the spread of coronavirus.

A delegation of Chinese doctors, which is in Pakistan to help the local authorities to fight the coronavirus pandemic, met Chief Minister Usman Buzdar here Sunday. "Social distancing is the key to stop the spread of the virus and authorities should ensure lockdown for 28 days," the experts recommended to Usman Buzdar.

They also appreciated the steps taken by the provincial government to curb the spread of the virus. The Punjab government had imposed a lockdown on March 23 for 14 days after a spike in the cases but restrictions were relaxed to ensure smooth supply of essential items. Currently, the province leads the nation-wide tally of confirmed cases with over 1,380 patients.

Clarifying a myth that the virus does not survive in high temperatures, the doctors said there was no evidence that the virus would not spread in the summer. The experts, who have earlier worked in China's epicentre Wuhan, told the officials to contain the virus as soon as possible.

“Coronavirus patient should be treated at quarantine centres or at hospitals rather than being kept at home," they said, Briefing on the passive immunisation method for Covid-19 treatment, they said in critical circumstances, plasma treatment is proved useful. "Three anti-viral drugs have also been used successfully."

The experts endorsed the SOPs of the Punjab government to contain the virus and for the treatment of patients and shared their experiences with the provincial authorities during their posting in Wuhan.

Usman Buzdar thanked the support and assistance provided by the Chinese government to Pakistan in time of need and said friendship between the two countries have stood the test of time. The efficiency with which Chinese authorities have fought the battle against the epidemic is an example for the whole world and Pakistan would learn lesson your experiences, Buzdar said.