Tuesday November 30, 2021

Believe it or not: No coronavirus death recorded in 87 countries and territories

March 25, 2020

LAHORE: As humans fear fellow homo sapiens in at least 196 countries and territories of the world, where 407,000 people have been affected by coronavirus and over 18,200 people have died from this deadly and ruthless disease till the filing of this report at around 11pm Pakistan Standard Time on Tuesday, there are 87 lucky nations that have not even recorded a single death due to this pandemic, reveals a painstaking research undertaken by the “Jang Group and Geo Television Network.”

These 87 lucky countries and territories with no recorded death despite confirmed COVID-19 cases (number listed in brackets) include:

Qatar (501 cases), Oman (84 cases), Kuwait (191 cases), Russia (495 cases), Nepal (2 cases), New Zealand (155 cases), Estonia (369 cases), Vietnam (134 cases), Malta (110 cases), Bhutan (2 cases), Angola (2 cases), Brunei (104 cases), Jordan (127 cases), Croatia (361 cases), Armenia (249 cases), Slovakia (204 cases), Latvia (197 cases), Uruguay (162 cases), Sri Lanka (102 cases), Cambodia (91 cases), Senegal (86 cases), Venezuela (84 cases), Myanmar (2 cases), Mauritania (2 cases), Belarus (81 cases), Georgia (70 cases), Kazakhstan (70 cases), South Africa (554 cases), Cameroon (66 cases), Palestine (59 cases), Liechtenstein (51 cases), Trinidad and Tobago (52 cases), Fiji (4 cases), Northern Cyprus (40 cases), Kyrgyzstan (42 cases), Guinea (4 cases), Namibia (4 cases), Uzbekistan (49 cases), Vatican City (one cases), Syria (one case), Somalia (one case), Liberia (3 cases), Saint Vincent and the Grenadines (one case), Mozambique (one case), Papua New guinea (one case), Grenada (one case), Kenya (16 cases), Jersey (16 cases), Maldives (13 cases), Eretria (one case), East Timor (one case), Belize (one case), Dominica (one case), Antigua and Barbuda (one case), Rwanda (36 cases), Kosovo (31 cases), Zambia (3 cases), Chad (3 cases), Central African Republic (3 cases), Isle of Man (13 cases), Barbados (17 cases), Djibouti (3 cases), Honduras (30 cases), Bolivia (28 cases), Ivory Coast (25 cases), Macau (25 cases), Monaco (23 cases), Guernsey (20 cases), Laos (2 cases), Saint Lucia (2 cases), Niger (2 cases), Nicaragua (2 cases), Eswatini (4 cases), Suriname (6 cases), Benin (5 cases), Bahamas (4 cases), Congo (4 cases), Haiti (5 cases), El Salvador (5 cases), Uganda (9 cases), Seychelles (7 cases), Mongolia (10 cases), Madagascar (12 cases), Tanzania (12 cases), Equatorial Guinea (9 cases), Ethiopia (12 cases) and Togo (20 cases).

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), the actual number of infections and cases in all countries are likely to be higher than reported, but impossible to ascertain.