Sunday December 05, 2021

No response from Twitter, YouTube: No treaty with Pakistan

January 23, 2020

ISLAMABAD: Twitter and YouTube administrations have not responded to even a single query on social media information as Pakistan has not signed the Mutual Legal Assistance Treaty.

According to the National Assembly Standing Committee on IT, 89 applications were sent to Twitter and 35 to YouTube, but there was no reply. Facebook responded to 1,655 applications out of 2,945. Instagram gave a response to 360 applications out of 591, WhatsApp to 132 out of 196, OLX to 247 out of 256, Loconto to 67 out of 77 and VChat to 1 out of three. The DailyMotion didn’t respond to 6 applications, Linked-In to 5, SnapChat to 13, Skype to 3 and IMO to 7. In toto, social media responded to 2,362 applications out of 4,226.