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PM should direct authorities to develop Sector-13 on merit

August 05, 2019

ISLAMABAD: The CDA did not develop the Sector-13 on merit though at least 62 housing schemes were issued NOCs and they were developed accordingly in 12 years. The CDA was deliberately ruined but who is responsible for this?

Sources said that the CDA announced housing schemes in sectors-13/D, 13/E, and 13/F in 2008 but was unable to develop those schemes even after 12 years. Thousands of investors of those sectors have serious concerns over the incompetence and professional negligence of CDA.

The people demanded Prime Minister Imran Khan to take notice of the unnecessary delay in those projects and should immediately order CDA to start development works. They also demanded the authorities to develop Sector-13 first, and then sectors 14, 15 and 16, adding that it should issue allotment letters to the owners of the land of Sector-13.

The sources said that the CDA acquired land in Sector-13 on land sharing basis which allowed the owner of every four Kanals to get one kanal in Sector 13. They said the CDA had allotted 150 plots from 2013 to 2016 in sectors D-13 and E-13. Later, more plots were not allotted. But 70 per cent allotment in sectors 15/C and 16/C was completed due to the pressure of an influential bureaucrat, whose family members had plots in those sectors.

The sources said that plots in the the remaining sectors were not allotted and people were deprived of and suffered injustice, adding that in these sectors, not only the locals but overseas Pakistanis had invested their money. The affected allotted persons asked what was their mistake and why the CDA did not develop their sectors and issue allotment letters even after 12 years.

The sources said a mafia in the CDA did not allow to develop those sectors because it compelled people to turn towards the private housing schemes, to which the CDA was issuing NOCs. They said these schemes have potential of billions of rupees, adding that it was incomprehensible that the prime minister had announced new housing scheme but did not order to probe CDA for misappropriations.

The sources said that the CDA is not developing its announced sectors while it issued NOCs to nearly 62 private housing schemes. They said when overseas Pakistanis invested in the project, the rate of US dollar was 61 and now it had soared up to 160 and asked who was responsible for the loss. They said the commoners have to suffer due to the corruption in the CDA. The sources said that the investors have requested the prime minister to launch a crackdown against the mafia in the CDA.

Meanwhile, the CDA authorities said that those sectors, which were neglected in the past, are now being developed on priority, adding that three teams have been formed to survey those sectors to make feasibility for development works. They said that the affected persons of sectors 13/D and 13/E are ready for survey which would soon be started. One team has been assigned to D-13 and E-13, the second team will go to F-13, C-13, C-16 and the third will visit H-16 and I-17.