Tuesday July 05, 2022

Impertaive to counter Indian designs

March 29, 2019

The recent spate of Indian aggression against Pakistan by staging self-generated Pulwama attack speaks volumes about her sinister scheming against Pakistan. However, despite the capacity and capability of responding to India in the same coin, Pakistan desires that peace in the region should prevail and every issue should be resolved through dialogue. The recent unfolding of aggressiveness by India and subsequent response by Pakistan would not end here, if India further tried to escalate the situation. Hence, India should open her eyes and avoid any unavoidable actions by Pakistan.

Experts believe that India seems obsessed to acquire a global status by hook or crook; she is trying to establish her hegemony in the region by creating and manipulating different scenarios. Keeping pressure on Pakistan, India has also wickedly exploited Afghanistan’s situation as an opportunity to use the Afghan soil for its devilish designs against Pakistan. India has become an expert player in exploiting the security, political, diplomatic, social, and religious affairs of Afghanistan. India has left no stone unturned to support proxies against Pakistan by exploiting all available resources in Afghanistan, which definitely have affected the deep-rooted brotherly relations between Afghanistan and Pakistan. India is continuously attempting to justify her relevance in Afghanistan through increased involvement with Afghan defence forces, police, Afghan intelligence agency (NDS) as well as through development projects and expanded economic ties.

The Indian secret service RAW has joined hands with NDS to carry out subversive activities in Pakistan at a time when Pakistan's war against terror is at a decisive phase. Although, RAW's role in creating problems for Pakistan is no secret, NDS's willingness to cooperate with Islamabad's known enemy is being regarded as a setback to the Pakistan government's political initiative of improving bilateral ties. India, being boasted as a major donor country to Afghanistan, will continue to exploit the weaknesses of the Afghan government and will also prevent any serious attempts of electoral reforms by fanning the differences by different political segments and key political personalities, so that the situation remains confused and conducive for her exploitation.

As usual, elements in the West, India and Afghanistan are again concocting narratives against Pakistan to falsely portray that Pakistan is the mother of all the problems in Afghanistan, as it supports the Afghan Taliban and proliferates terrorism in the region. Moreover, to consolidate the Indo-US bonhomie, deliberate pressure is being increased on Pakistan. Undoubtedly, Pakistan is being made an scapegoat for the failed US policies in Afghanistan. Keeping the prevalent situation and political wrangling in Afghanistan, any peace deal without addressing the illegal occupation of Afghanistan by the foreign troops, which is also the number one agenda point of Afghan Taliban, may not offer any long-lasting solution for peace in Afghanistan.

The question arises what is so appealing in Afghanistan that India has invested billions of dollars? Why is India trying to win the goodwill of Afghan people? India after exploiting the sectarian and ethnic fault-lines in Afghanistan, is attempting to gain space for her new maneuvers by using tribal power of Afghan people for sinister scheming against Pakistan. Such maneuvers amid increasing propaganda and pressure on Pakistan is to create unfavorable atmosphere for the overall economic outreach of China in the region. The unfolding events have now confirmed that India has established itself in Afghanistan just to bleed Pakistan by cuts incurred through sponsored terrorism, gain a foothold to ignite the Balochistan insurgency and to ultimately sandwich Pakistan leading to isolation and destabilization. There is a dire need to address every emerging threat and counter every sinister plan, which could bring irreparable damages to our country.