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‘Laal Kabootar’ to be released today

March 22, 2019

KARACHI: The much-awaited film ‘Laal Kabootar’ will be released today (Friday), which will hit box office across Pakistan.

A cultural and showbiz ceremony was held which was attended by renowned superstars of media industry, fashion industry and also many dignities from various walks of life.

Social and film personalities also gave a colourfull touch to the premiere. Produced by the brother-sister duo of Hania and Kamil Cheema and directed by debutant Kamal Khan, ‘Laal Kabootar’ stars Ahmed Ali Akbar and Mansha Pasha in leading roles. Set to release today (March 22), the film is a Karachi-based crime drama revolving around Adeel Nawaz (Akbar) and Aliya Malik (Pasha) who get tangled up with the underworld.

Speaking with reporters, the two leads discussed their characters and how ‘Laal Kabootar’ just might steer Pakistani cinema in a new direction. “Aliya is someone who’s gone through a life-altering experience and the story is about her coming to terms with it; coming to the end point of the journey,” said Pasha, keeping the description vague enough. Whereas, Akbar described his character as someone who was “not happy with his past and wants to change a lot about himself and his future.”

He said Adeel is constantly trying to be someone else and he takes some shortcuts in life which land him in trouble. The fans who watched premiere praised its story, songs, music composing and production value. It is expected that the film will be a hit the box office and will do huge business.

The Nueplex Cinema in Karachi witnessed a phenomenal turnout for the premiere of ‘Lal Kabootar’. So many Show biz stars was at the premiere along with a bevy of celebrities and people from the entertainment industry.

The film has been produced by Nehr Ghar films and Geo TV is media partner of the film. The team also includes Pakistan’s leading cinematographer Mo Azmi, screenwriter Ali Abbas Naqvi.

Ali Akbar, Mansha Pasha, Kamil Cheema, Hania Cheema, Irfan Khoosat, Faisal Qureshi, Adnan Malik, Sanam Saeed, Sarwat Gilani, Farieha Altaf, Wahaj, Bilal, Mikaal, Syra Shehroz, Fakir, Tipu, Reema Shaikh, Ali Safina, Tipu Shareef, Hira Tareen, Palwasha, Saleem Mairaj, Misbah Ishaq, Wardah, Adnan Shah and so many celebrities attended the event.