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Mega serial ‘Tum Se Hi Taluq Hay’ on Geo TV from today

July 16, 2018

KARACHI: After their recently concluded TV serial, Khaani, clocked in high ratings, 7th Sky Entertainment is coming back with another show that is said to be “an intriguing story.” Titled ‘Tum Se Hi Taluq Hai,’ Geo TV will be launching this mega serial today (Monday) at 20:00 with seasoned actors Tooba Siddiqui, Syed Jibran and Faryal Mehmood in pivotal roles. It is a family drama which has been written by Syed Wasi Shah and directed by Shaquille Khan.

The play is produced by Abdullah Kadwani and Asad Qureshi of 7th Sky Entertainment, the duo behind the recently concluded blockbuster play Khaani that broke all records and topped the ratings chart from the time it went on air. Story revolves around the lives of Sadan, Alina and Rama, essayed by Syed Jibran, Tooba Siddiqui and Faryal Mehmood, respectively. Sadan marries his maternal side cousin Alina and has two daughters but he never liked her. Despite all her efforts and attention Sadan could never accept Alina as a life partner.

Kulsoom, Sadan’s mother is aware of her son’s behaviour with Alina and also knows about his intention of leaving Alina. To bind her son in marriage Kulsoom transfers all her property in Alina’s name and makes it part of her will, after few months Kulsoom departs from this world.

Meanwhile Rama, a colleague from Sadan’s office is struggling with her stepfather’s illness and career. Sadan likes her and soon Rama will take advantage of Sadan’s money and his position however, Sadan has done everything for her because he is in love with Rama. Sadan is aware that his mother will never approve of Rama because Alina is from her side of the family. Once his mother dies and he learns about Kulsoom’s will he throws Alina out of the house, keeps his daughters and brings Rama in his home. What will be the fate of Alina? Will Sadan learn about Rama’s real intentions? Will life give Sadan a chance to repent?

Model turned actor Tooba shared that she essays the character of a passive woman Alina, who is always putting in efforts to make everything right for her family and kids. However, her husband breaks her trust and marries another woman.

Apart from Jibran, Tooba and Faryal, the upcoming play has an ensemble cast including veterans Shamim Hilaly, Shabbir Jan, Nida Mumtaz alongside Ali Abbas and Anum Fayyaz. With OST by Sahir Ali Bagga, who has also penned the lyrics, Tum Se Hi Taluq Hai is scheduled to go on air July 16. Let’s see how the story unfolds after Alina’s husband, Sadan, deceives her by getting married to Rama.