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National policy should be madefor protection of women, children

March 20, 2018

Jamaat-e-Islami Pakistan (JIP) strongly condemns the continuous incidents of rape and murder of 12 innocent girls in Kasur. It also condemns such kind of events in the whole country especially in Mardan, Nowshera and DIK. The above mentioned incidents are a matter of serious concern. The whole nation has only one demand that the criminals should be severely punished. JIP has a right to ask the government that why all crimes especially against women and the children are not taken seriously. Why video scandal in Kasur was ignored. Why government had not planned to stop such happenings? It is something strange that instead of arresting the criminals, police opened fire on protesters. Two people were killed and many of them were wounded. Their fault was that they wanted to remind the government of its responsibilities. More than two dozen children were abused only in Kasur. The conditions in society are very dangerous. The children are facing serious conditions in the whole country. JIP is much concerned about it. It is of the view that federal and provincial governments have failed to stop the rape incidents against little girls and women. The government is intentionally ignoring these wrongdoings and pretending that there is no evil in the society. The murderer Javed Iqbal abused and killed 100 children. He burnt their dead bodies with acid. What measures were taken by the federal and relevant provincial governments of that time?

The above mentioned heinous crimes have proved that all the laws, institutions, child helplines, child centers, federal and provincial commissions for the protection of children, have failed to protect the children totally. Their role is zero. Abid Tihami in his column published on 15 Jan, 2018 has given facts and figures according to an official report. The 5660 rape cases were reported in Punjab. The 1764 cases of child abuses were reported from Jan, 2017 to June 2017. There is an increase of 12.5% in such cases in 2017 as compared to 2015.The 100 children have lost their lives since 2016. According to a report of a newspaper, 900 cases of rape and gang rape were reported in Punjab. In this way, the increase is 200%.

JIP has always raised the issue of crimes against children on every forum including Parliament. JIP is of the opinion that government should make laws in the light of Quran and Sunnah. It is the only solution to this serious problem. The government has approved more than 13 laws in the Parliament for the protection of children and women. Unfortunately, all these laws have failed to achieve the target. If government wants to prevent these events, it should investigate in two directions. Firstly, the criminals should be traced. Secondly, the failure and irresponsibility of police and other law enforcement agencies to find out the missing children, should be investigated.

JIP suggests following steps for the protection of women and children.

It is stated in the clause 31 (1) (Islamic life style) that steps should be taken to facilitate the Muslims of Pakistan that they can be able to spend their individual and collective life according to the basic principles and ideology of Pakistan. It is stated in the same clause (31) (2b) that unity and Islamic moral standards should be promoted.

In the clause 35 of the constitution of Pakistan, it is written that the state will protect marriage, mother, child and family. In the clause of 38 (g) (the promotion of social justice and eradication of social evils), it is written that the state will take measures to prevent gambling, prostitution and drug addiction. It will also ban the indecent and immoral literature and its advertisement.

1 JIP proposes that the laws for the protection of women and children should be sent to Islamic Ideological Council. The Council will make necessary changes to make them according to Quran and Sunnah. It should present its report within two months.

2 The government should search for the persons who are promoting vulgarity in the country. Bail should be refused to all crimes.

3 The government should find out the reasons for pornography in the whole country. It should punish the people who are involved in such crimes. FIA Cyber Crime Wing has investigated successfully in this regard. These inquiries should be completed quickly.

4 The person (Tamoor) who was arrested in Sargodha in 2017 because Interpol Canada had complained against him, should be punished severely. The Pakistani members of international pornography groups should be arrested immediately. The government should take steps to control such events and attract the youths towards positive activities.

5 The government should establish separate educational institutions and hostels for women. If govt or private institutions do not provide separate hostel facilities for women, they should be fined.

6 All government and private institutions should be bound to provide transport for women. The black mirrors and audio, video songs should be banned instantly.

7 The criminal who raped and murdered Zainab and other innocent girls in Kasur should be sentenced according to Quran and Sunnah. He should be hanged publicly.

8 The persons who have been released by the Supreme Court should be arrested again. They should be investigated with the help of modern technology and their names should be put in the Exit Control List.

9 The rape cases in which criminals have been granted bail because of some kind of agreements, should be cancelled and an open and free trail should be held.

10 Some channels have been given notices by Pemra for indecent programme. But they have taken stay orders. The Law Ministry should play its role in this connection. Their stay should be called off immediately. A detailed report should be presented within three months.

11 TV channels, internet, social media and cables are affecting our social and moral values greatly. They are causing sexual crimes. It is the duty of federal and provincial governments to make law for the safety of society and the country. The immoral material in films, plays and advertisements is a major reason for indecency. The night packages of mobile companies should be banned.

12 The interior and external affairs ministries should work out for the factors of immorality in collaboration with Interpol, FIA and PTA. All sexual material on social media should be removed.

13 The syllabus of dance, music and art which is being added as a subject from class 1 – class 10 in the name of national culture should be abandoned. Co-education and mix gathering should be avoided. The girls should be provided with a safe environment. There should be a uniform related to national dress in schools, colleges and universities. There should be a female staff for female students.

14 All recommendations of Council of Islamic Ideology which have been presented in the Parliament so far should be a part of law making. The reports of CII which were presented in June 1982 and February 1993 consist of the recommendations for the establishment of Islamic society and social reforms. The government should take help from these recommendations in law making. The prominent scholars and Ulema of Milli Majlis Sharia which were representing all religious sects, presented a report of 18 pages against immodesty and indecency on December 17, 2012. The government should take advantage of these recommendations. So that Pakistan can be a safer place to live.

It is the demand of JIP that the persons who have committed crimes against Ayesha, Fatima, Noor Fatima, Liaba, Kainat, Zainab, Asma, Aasma, Sawera, Tayyaba and Mutahir should be hanged immediately. There should be zero tolerance policy in this regard at national level. Justice should be provided to all women who have been wronged. According to law experts the clause (3) 376, 365 A and 364 A of the Constitution should be included against such crimes.

  The writer is secretary general of Jamaat-e-Islami Pakistan.