Sunday November 28, 2021

White House urges Pakistan to expel Taliban leaders

January 23, 2018

WASHINGTON: The US urged Pakistan once again on Monday to expel Taliban militants from its territory.

Addressing the daily press brief, the president's press secretary Sarah Sanders called on Pakistan to take action against militants hurting the US personnel in Afghanistan. The US believes that Pakistani authorities provide sanctuaries to terrorist organisations. Both countries have had a rift over the issues that soured since President Trump announced Afghan policy last August.

The Trump administration earlier this month suspended security assistance to Pakistan as well, and has been pressing the country to do more than it has already done.

The latest statement comes after US Acting Assistant Secretary of State Alice Wells visited Islamabad over a week ago and demanded that Pakistan should act against the Haqqani network and other terror groups operating from its soil. Wells had lengthy meetings with Pakistani high-ups, where she concluded that both countries wanted to forge a new relationship based on mutual interests.

Wells also acknowledged Pakistan's sacrifices and emphasised that the US strategy represents an opportunity to work together for the establishment of a stable, peaceful Afghanistan, the death of Daesh in South Asia and the elimination of terrorist groups that threaten both Pakistan and the US.