Friday July 19, 2024

Comstech launches initiative to link Chinese institutions with OIC countries

By Jamila Achakzai
April 30, 2024
COMSTECH building can be seen in this image. — APP/File
COMSTECH building can be seen in this image. — APP/File

Islamabad:In a bid to bolster science and technology cooperation between the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) countries and China, the Coordinator General of Comstech, Prof. Dr. M. Iqbal Choudhary, unveiled a groundbreaking initiative aimed at capacity building and collaboration.

Speaking at a briefing for Chinese media personnel at Comstech headquarters in Islamabad, Prof. Choudhary highlighted the critical need for trained researchers and technical personnel in various fields, particularly in health sciences. To address this gap, Comstech has forged partnerships with leading Chinese institutions, starting with Hunan University of Chinese Medicine.

Under the first phase of the program, technicians from OIC countries will undergo training in medical and STEM fields, with an emphasis on health-related technologies. Additionally, Post-Doc studies at Hunan University will provide further opportunities for advanced research and specialization.

The initiative also includes collaborations with other prominent Chinese universities such as Ningbo University and Xinjiang Medical University, with plans underway for similar programs. Comstech has already established joint ventures with Huawei Technologies China, particularly in the critical area of cybersecurity. Khazima Muazim, Program Manager at Comstech, provided detailed insights into the joint cooperation between Hunan University of Chinese Medicine and OIC-Comstech. She revealed that 13 scholars from OIC member states, including Sudan, Indonesia, Pakistan, Cameroon, Egypt, Kazakhstan, and Bangladesh, have been selected for the initial phase of the program, with a special focus on empowering female candidates.

The training program, scheduled to commence in May, will cover a range of essential topics including NMR and MRI techniques, Ethno medicine Innovation, and traditional Chinese medicine. Technical visits are also planned to enrich the learning experience for participants. This ambitious endeavour not only aims to bridge the gap in science and technology capabilities but also fosters mutual understanding and cooperation between China and OIC countries, paving the way for innovative solutions and shared prosperity.