Thursday June 30, 2022

The truth about Yadav

April 26, 2016

Global powers have many levers they can pull to influence events in the world, using foreign mission officials and academics who may be one of those levers. The services of these intellectuals are used to prepare ground for a series of interventions in a country for creating enabling environment benefiting the country's opponents at regional and international arena. Such machinations are meant to trigger an effective media campaign outside and inside a country to question the security structure on TV screens as well as domestic and international print media. There are individuals who voluntarily tender stirring opinions essentially to undermine and damage a country's economy, security, achievements in countering terrorism and an emerging optimistic image.

In this regard, sources have strongly denied statements of former ambassador Gunter Mulack, a German scholar who joined the German Orient Institute, Berlin, after retirement in year 2008. Speaking at the Pakistan Institute of International Affairs recently, the ex-German envoy to Islamabad, Mulack, made shocking claims about the Indian spy cum terrorist. “The person who is being presented as an Indian spy was actually apprehended by Taliban years ago, and is now sold off to Islamabad. However, the case is in favour of Pakistan since India has accepted that he was a member of Indian Navy,” he said while speaking to television news channel NDTV.  The respectable Dr Gunter who, although was speaking on the topic of "Crisis in the Middle East: A German Perspective", said that 'Chinese will not bring Pakistanis paradise on earth through CPEC." This statement was not needed and was in a bad taste.

Deplorably, the veteran German diplomat's views were based on media reports of some UK and Indian newspapers essentially lacking credibility and authenticity. The Indian terrorist himself had firstly confessed about his association with RAW. 

Secondly, during his video confession screened on TV, the Indian agent revealed that his country was sponsoring and orchestrating terrorism and separatist movements in Balochistan to sabotage CPEC, firmly corroborating what Pakistan had earlier mentioned in the dossiers presented to the UN Secretary General and the US government. Likewise, Indian External Affairs Ministry has officially acknowledged the bona-fide status of Kulbhushan Yadav as an Indian citizen working in Iran. 

Similarly a senior Indian naval officer was bold enough to accept the fact about the Indian Navy loaning this particular naval officer to RAW during 2013. 

On the other hand, there is also a great contrast in the opinions and views within foreigners who served in Pakistan. One fine example is of Mr. Peter Upton, the outgoing Director British Council, Pakistan, who while addressing at Govt College University Lahore the other day said that Pakistan is not as it is perceived in different countries, especially in the West. He said that those foreigners, like him, who have worked and lived in Pakistan for a significant period know that there is an entirely very different story about Pakistan than what we hear abroad from a few persons.

Meanwhile, most recently the US has inked a strategic agreement with India enabling the armed forces including strategic forces of both the countries to use each others' military facilities. It remains to be seen where it leads the two countries finally.