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‘Chinese vision of global inclusive development only acceptable way forward’

October 01, 2023

Islamabad : Chairman Senate Standing Committee on Defence, Senator Mushahid Hussain Sayed Saturday said that the Chinese vision of global and inclusive development was the only acceptable way forward as Asia of 21st century could bear the brunt of a new cold war.

He was addressing as Chief Guest at the All Pakistan China Overseas Youth Federation (APCOYF) special ceremony held in connection with 74th National Day of People''s Republic of China. Senator Mushahid Hussain Sayed said the world is witnessing a great transformation, whereas the great poet of the East Dr Allama Muhammad Iqbal 90 years ago predicted the rise of the Asian century and China.

“Allama in his poetry talked of springs of hope from the Himalayas and Chinese rising from slumber. Today, the balance of economic, cultural and political power is shifting from the West to the East and we welcome that but I want to warn that many forces are talking of dispute, division, and a new cold war and we reject it as Asia cannot afford a new cold war. We reject any talk of dispute, containment and division of Asia,” he said. The chairman Senate Committee underlined that China’s worldview is on promoting inclusivity and it did not impose its values and hegemony on others but rather advocates for a win-win situation for all nations.

He added that China a decade back invested in Pakistan some $26 billion in the massive China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) project that resulted in 8000 MW of power generation capacity, 200,000 jobs creation, and the development of 800 km of new transmission lines. China, he said had invested in Pakistan when no country even the Muslim countries was not ready to invest capital due to terrorism. "We have seen Thar women driving dumper trucks, coal power projects, local community development through CPEC," he added.

Women and children (youth) would lead the future as both the leaderships of China and Pakistan namely Chairman Mao and Quaid-e-Azam shared the same thoughts, he said. Shedding light on the history of China, Senator Sayed said on October 1, 1949 at Tiananmen square Chairman Mao announced the liberation of China, adding, "Chairman Mao said, ''today Chinese people have stood up'', and that was the start of the journey of Chinese progress. "The Chinese, he said went through a great struggle from cultural, social and economic progress to come out of feudalism and western hegemony.

China had a strategic culture, he said with three key ingredients namely it’s peaceful rise as it is the only country that has risen without occupation, colonialization and bloodshed. Secondly, the Silk Route that was started from China 2,000 years ago and connected Asia, Middle East with Europe which was the first instance of globalization through culture and commerce. "Holy Prophet (peace be upon him) some 1,400 years ago said that seek knowledge if you have to go to China.

It was a developed civilization then," he added. Thirdly, he said the Great Wall of China that symbolizes strong defence and resistance to threats against China. "The long march in 1934-35 was participated by 100,000 people with Chairman Mao and only 25,000 survived that showed China’s never give up philosophy, patience and perseverance.

It had been very clear that China had its culture to defend itself," he added. Senator Sayed said China had emerged on it’s own power and self-reliance, adding, "It is not a country but rather an ancient civilisation 5,000 years old.” Senator Mushahid said CPEC is the pivot and the flagship project of the Belt Road Initiative (BRI) initiative.

China had spent $1 trillion on BRI in its three thousand projects and created 450,000 jobs. China is the best friend and strategic partner that had always stood like a rock with Pakistan on every issue and position. "Pakistan is one country that stands steadfast with China on its all core issues and interests be it Xinjiang and South China Sea, BRI, Taiwan or any other.

We stand with China in all circumstances. "The Senator while stating his own experience said he had witnessed the historic transformation of China in the past four decades.” Paksitan was the first country in 70s to connect communist China with the rest of the world and that China was poor and weak. Today’s China is rich, powerful and leading the world and well connected with the outside world," the Senator said.

Prior to the keynote address, cultural performances on Chinese music by Pakistani artists were made followed by the Chinese Song performed by Sherry Khan and a dance performance by artist attired in traditional Pakistani dress of northern area. The cake cutting ceremony was presided by Senator Mushahid Hussain Sayed and President APCOYF, Aasma Ismail Butt along with others. In the vote of thanks, President APCOYF, Aasma Ismail Butt said the federation was working on promoting Pak-China Friendship and also celebrate the Chinese National Day to promote love for each other between the two nations.