Saturday September 30, 2023

No development work on sports projects at PSB centre

January 19, 2023

KARACHI: No development related to different sports projects at the PSB-owned coaching centre in Karachi has been done for the last one year despite the issuance of three tenders.

The tender process has been cancelled time and again due to the changes in the government set-up at the federal level and the overall economic uncertainty, ‘The News’ learnt on Wednesday.

Among the projects that have been delayed are the replacement of the decades-old tartan track, the installation of floodlights and the betterment of the indoor gymnasium.

The football stadium requires better seating arrangements for the spectators and a better sprinkler system.

The replacement of the 26-year-old tartan track and the maintenance of other sports infrastructure are long-standing demands of athletes.

The Ministry for Inter-Provincial Coordination (IPC) has approved the projects and a sizeable budget for them but has failed to get things done.

Sources said that once again, all hopes of the tartan track's replacement, installation of floodlights, increase in the seating arrangements, redevelopment and maintenance of the decades-old overall infrastructure and the maintenance of hostel rooms may not transpire into a reality.

The current Pakistan Democratic Movement (PDM) government hasn’t taken these important projects seriously.

According to the sources, during PTI's reign, the development process was moving in a smooth manner as the tenders of various projects were issued and the multipurpose sports complex had also been inaugurated.

Some development work wasn't finished but the centre was open to the public.

Ever since the PDM government took over, the development projects have come to a standstill.

Only one project – the construction of 12 flats for employees – has been completed, as the federal minister for IPC Ehsan-ur Rehman Mazari inaugurated these flats last week.

However, one positive thing that has been done in the past few months is the appointment of a permanent sports director at the centre.